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Chaker Center would like to say welcome to all those who are interested in our service . On this webpage, you will be able to get all the latest information about us and our work with other clients . Chaker Center offers hair restoration by implantation .

We know that hair loss has become a major problem for men and women of all ages in our society. It is a problem that needs to have a permanent solution. The simplest and the most effective solutions are brought to you by Chaker Center .

Some of the advantages of using Biofiber are that the result is more appealing. Also, biofiber makes sure that the hair follicle gives the best results and the best look in no time.


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  • Undetectable to natural hair
  • Biocompatible by the skin tissue
  • Soft, flexible, fine and strongly resistant
  • Anti-aging procedure for male and female baldness

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About Dr. Cherine Chaker

He was the first and pioneer to introduce hair implantation by “Biofiber” (one by one implantation) and hair transplantation (follicular unit transfer FUT) with excellent results and no side effects, under local anaestesia.

Dr. Cherine Chaker made his entire specialized medical study in head and neck surgery in France in the Faculty of Rouen and he followed it in “Society of Face Surgery ” in Paris (France).
Then he continued his education in Milano (Italy) where he successfully completed his “Hair Implantation” postgraduate diploma.
He was the first who introduced “Hair Implantation” in the Middle East since 1990 (28 years).

Cherine Chaker

Doctor, Founder