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What are the features that allowed Biofiber Biocompatible Artificial Hair to be suitable for implant ?

Biofiber meets all the biocompatibility and Safety requirements established by the International Standards on Medical Devices.

Who can perform Biofiber Hair Implant ?

The hair implant is a soft medical practice for male and female baldness solution or as hair thinning remedy that can be performed only by a Qualified trained Physician, by using Automatic Hair Implant device or manual instruments

How many Biofiber hair are necessary to correct a generalized hair loss ?

Approximately 2,500 Biofiber hairs are sufficient to obtain a good aesthetic result. For a greater density, Medicap High Density hair (MHD) could be preferred.

I am female patient, can I have long fibers implant ?

Yes, Biofiber hair is available in different length as 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm and in various shapes as straight, wave, curly, afro to satisfy all the patients expectations.

What does implanted hair look like and how is such hair treated ?

Biofiber are aesthetically identical to natural hair. They should be maintained with Biofiber Hair Care Set products, just like natural hair. They do not lose their own color and shouldn’t be died with aggressive products. They are very resistant and do not break.

How frequently can Biofiber Hair Implant sessions be held ?

Biofiber hair implant performed with the Automatic Hair Implant device can be repeated every 15 days in different area. Manual  implanter sessions can be repeated every 4 weeks in different area. The rule is that every implant can be performed only on healthy scalp.

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